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Debt Recovery

Disputed and Undisputed Invoice Claims

Should you have an undisputed claim arising from an unpaid invoice, our team will work on a fix-fee basis to obtain payment. If your claim is disputed, our dedicated debt recovery experts will be able to provide the advice you need to progress matters efficiently to reach a quick and satisfactory conclusion.

There are different ways to approach recovery of a debt. Court action is one option, however we advise that it is used as a last resort. Instead, we will issue a Letter Before Action to the debtor requesting that payment is made within a certain timeframe. If the debtor fails to respond or refuses to pay, then it is time to issue court proceedings.

Our experts have a high success rate in debt recovery, so let them help you recover your money.

How Much Will It Cost to Recover Commercial Debt?

Please note that there will be two elements to the prices as set out below:
1. Fees charged by us, Winrow Solicitors; and
2. Fees payable to third parties, such as the court.

If your claim is not disputed, the costs involved in each stage of the process are set out below. If your claim becomes disputed, we will advise you as to the costs involved at that stage.

Initial Discussion

We offer a no-obligation initial 20-minute discussion to determine whether you have a potential claim.

Letter Before Action

£180 for a claim valued up to £50,000. Our fees for claims in excess of this will be negotiated with you and agreed in advance. This fee includes:

Subsequent Correspondence

Any subsequent letters will be charged at an hourly rate of £120.

Court Proceedings

If we are unable to negotiate a satisfactory outcome or the defendant ignores our letter of claim, then court proceedings will need to be issued.

To Draft Court Proceedings:


Court Fee

Our Fee














5% of claim

To be agreed

Request Judgment - £60
If the debtor fails to acknowledge the claim or enter a defence within 14 days, we will request judgment from the court.

To Attend Court Hearing - £240
If the matter is defended and a hearing is required for a judge to determine the case.

Enforcement of Judgment

You will be advised on the most suitable method for enforcing the judgment and the costs associated with this if required.

Approximate Timescales

Debt recover matters usually take 1 to 6 months from receipt of instructions from you to receipt of payment from the debtor depending on whether or not court proceedings are required. This is on the basis that the debtor pays promptly on receipt of judgment in default. If enforcement action is needed, the matter will take longer to resolve.

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