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Children Law

Divorce and Family Law

Disputes involving children

If your relationship has broken up it can be an emotional and upsetting time for everyone within the family.

Your children are especially vulnerable as the stability in their young life has been disturbed and it is important that you as parents come to an agreement over child care and contact arrangements as soon and as amicably as you can.

However, because of the emotional nature of your break up it can become acrimonious and this can have an unseen effect on your children. If you simply cannot agree on what arrangements to put in place for your children or what you have agreed has broken down, then you can use a trained mediator to help you prioritise what is best for your children.

Disputes involving children are common when parents are going through a divorce, separating or when disagreements between family members arise. The needs of those children can sometimes become lost as they become part of what is happening between the adults. Unfortunately research shows that children do suffer in the breakdown of adult relationships, although they can and do recover and grow to be healthy and well adjusted.

Examples of common disputes concern where children should live and with whom, or children not being returned home or being removed from a parents’ care, or the arrangements for children to see their parent or family members and who they can be brought into contact with. Sadly there are a wide variety of day to day decisions concerning children which can result in disagreement between adults.

Funding Your Child Law Case

Court fees:

To make an application to the Court for a Child Arrangement Order application there is a fee of £215, however if you are on certain benefits or on a low income you may be eligible for assistance with the fees and may have to pay nothing.

Legal Aid:

Legal Aid for Family cases has been drastically cut but is still available for a small number of family cases.

If you are not eligible then you maybe deterred from using a solicitor because you are worried about our fees. We understand this and will do our very best to come to a fee arrangement that suits you and more importantly what you can afford.

Different options:

We can charge you a fixed price for each piece of advice. We could advise you on your ‘rights’ and agree a ‘plan’ for you to follow to achieve your goals. If you decide to make an application to the Family Court, we could help you with the paperwork but not go on the court record as acting for you. You will receive all the court ‘paperwork’ but we could explain anything you don’t understand by you paying an agreed fee for that advice. We would follow up that advice by email and suggest any further action.

Under this arrangement you will be in control of the costs as you would receive as little or as much advice as you need.

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