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North Wales Solicitors delivering free employment law advice

We will give you free initial advice on your case.

We are Employment Solicitors, helping clients in North Wales. We understand that unfair treatment at work can be devastating so we will handle your case sensitively and with understanding. We have long experience in Employment Law and will take your case from initial consultation to Employment Tribunal  Representation in-house.  Ian Winrow does not just have the knowledge of Employment Law he is also solicitor advocate so is able to handle the advocacy of your case right up to the Supreme Court if required.

If you’ve been mistreated at work it’s hard to know how to proceed. You need your job, of course, but you don’t need the stress of being treated badly. It’s common to think that if you do anything about it your situation may only get worse.

Our specialist employment solicitors can help

We know the law, and we know how to make the best of your situation.

If you need to take a stand against an employer you don’t need to do it alone. One of our [location] employment solicitors will fight for your rights, and for the others in your workplace who also need protection against unfair practices and discrimination. There are time limits though, so don’t delay in getting legal advice.

Types of cases we handle

Why choose one of our location employment solicitors?

Free consultation. We offer a free half hour phone consultation with one of our experienced North Wales employment solicitors to review the overall circumstances of your complaint and see if you have a case.

No win no fee. If you don’t win then we don’t get paid.

We’ll vigorously defend your rights. We’re passionate about justice for workers and keeping employers accountable for their actions.

We’re experienced. We’ve dealt successfully with all kinds of employment claims. There’s nothing we like more than seeing our clients move past the bad experiences and confidently get on with their work lives.

Contact us to get started with your free consultation.

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