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Civil litigation describes the process by which public and private legal disputes are resolved through negotiation or use of the courts. Broadly speaking, most of these disputes involve money in the form of compensation or require another party to take or not take a specific action.

If you are involved in litigation or legal proceedings, you will probably need legal representation. This can be provided by a solicitor and, possibly, a barrister or you can represent yourself. Solicitors have a Right of Audience only in the lower Civil Court such as the County Court, but solicitors provide services like taking your instructions, then doing  the necessary background work on cases, give preliminary advice, obtain expert or specialist opinion if necessary and instruct barristers if required. We as your solicitor will prepare your case for the trial, but usually a solicitor will have to instruct a barrister to represent you in the higher courts. We at Winrow Solicitors has an in-house, solicitor-advocate with full rights of audience to appear in all Civil Courts including the County Court and the High Court.

In more complex and specialist cases however we may instruct a Barrister to represent you as their specialist knowledge might be required to give you the best outcome for your case. The decision to instruct a Barrister will of course be yours but we will only recommend this if we feel it necessary.

Our advocacy services  include:

Appeals/Applications for Permission

Applications for Injunctions

Multi & Fast Track Trials/Disposals

Winding Up Petitions

Domestic violence

Employment disputes

Family law matters

Inquests / inquiries

Contact us on 01286 269226 or 07594 461181 to arrange a consultation with our litigation solicitor;  if requested the first 20 minutes will be free of charge.

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