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Discrimination in the Workplace

Take discrimination in the workplace seriously

Discrimination can take a number of different forms and can be very complex area of law.

Whatever the form of discrimination in order to bring a claim, it must be related to one of 9 “protected characteristics”.

They are:



gender reassignment

marriage and civil partnership

pregnancy and maternity


religion or belief


sexual orientation

If an employee brings a discrimination claim against you, contact us immediately as early advice is vital to stand the best chance of successfully defending a claim. We can provide you with advice and assistance with all areas of discrimination law, as well as representing you at the employment tribunal if the claim goes to a full hearing.

Vicarious Liability ?

You may be liable for the discrimination perpetrated by one of your employees upon another employee.

This could be the case if the wrongdoer commits the discrimination whilst in the course of their employment. Please be aware your liability could remain even if you have done nothing wrong or were aware the employee had done.

A good defence to such a claim would be if you took all reasonable steps to prevent such discrimination.

What does ‘in the course of their employment’ mean?

The test the Courts apply is the“sufficient connection test” – in other words, were the wrongs carried out whilst closely connected to their employment.

What about acts outside of working hours?

This is a difficult question to answer and will be based on the individual facts of the case. For example a case of sexual harassment that occurred at the works Christmas party was found to be within the course of employment – as was the harassment that continued in the car journey on the way home from the party.

How successful would the ‘having taken all reasonable steps’ defence be?

Again each case will be dealt with on its merit, but an Employment Tribunal will have regard to the Equality Act 2010 Code of Practice on Employment produced by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (the Code). Guidance under the Code, suggests that reasonable steps might include:

Implementing an equality policy

Ensuring workers are aware of the policy

Providing equal opportunities training

Reviewing the equality policy, as appropriate and

Dealing effectively with employee complaints.

There is detailed guidance in the Code on how to plan, implement, monitor and review an equality policy.

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