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Divorce Law

The breakdown of your marriage or a separation will often result in the most difficult and emotional period of your life especially if children are involved. We can support you through this period to help reduce the stress caused and attempt to make the whole process as amicable as possible. This cannot always be achieved especially if you feel the like the ‘innocent’ party and emotions are ‘high’.

If a divorce is sought then this causes even greater stress and it will need us to handle your matter sensitively so a conclusion is achieved that allows you to move on with your life.

You could think of a divorce as taking place in 2 parts; 1.the actual divorce and 2. the financial settlement.

We can offer you a fixed fee for the divorce itself, and only if the process becomes prolonged because it is contested will there be further costs.

As for the financial settlement stage, this can only be dealt with on a time basis as a settlement agreement might take days or go on for years, hence it is impossible to fix a cost. Agreement might be reached without going to court or may require a number of court appearances.

How long does it take?

The time it takes for your divorce to be concluded depends on a number of factors. If you are able to quickly come to terms with your partner without having to go to court, it is possible that the whole process could be completed inside 6 months. However, if you find it difficult to reach an agreement, have a lot of issues to resolve, or need to have things put before a court, it can take much longer – sometimes up to 2 years.

The current court fee for issuing a petition is £550. Our fixed fee for dealing with your divorce is £850. (Please note our fees for dealing with the financial settlement aspects of your divorce are in addition.)

The financial settlement

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