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Family Law

Winrow Solicitors can help you with your divorce and the problems that may arise with your children after the divorce.

Separation isn't easy

Family breakdowns can be one of the hardest experiences you'll ever have to go through. You know that the decisions you make now will determine your family's future, not just you and your spouse but more importantly your children. It's difficult to think straight though when it seems like your life is falling apart in every direction.

We can help

We understand the issues, and we've helped many people dealing with the same stresses as you are come through it all cleanly. We'll help you work out the best way forward and negotiate calmly on your behalf. No matter how hard it gets our family law solicitors will stand by you and keep our eyes on the best possible outcome for you and your family.

Our family law solicitors are empathetic and highly skilled. You will find us friendly, practical, and discreet.

We can help with:

Amicable separations and divorces.  If you've already worked out a plan that is agreeable to both parties, then we can help make it legally binding.

Contested hearings.  If negotiation and mediation isn't going to work in your situation then our family law solicitors will stand up and fight for your rights in Court.

Child visitation, residency or maintenance.  Making arrangements for your children following a family breakdown isn't always easy. We'll  make sure that the children's best interests are at the heart of every discussion and that your rights as a parent or grandparent are upheld.

Financial settlements.  Your future depends on an equitable split of your finances so we will make sure that all of the assets are on the table and  that the division is done fairly.

Prenuptial agreements.  No one likes to go into marriage anticipating the worst outcome, and yet, it's important to protect your rights. We'll make the conversation less awkward by working out whether you need an agreement, and if you do, what terms make sense to both of you.

Your family law solicitor will be with you all the way.

You don't have to go though this alone. Our experienced family law solicitors will help you fairly lay the past to rest, build strong foundations for your future, and get your new life off to a good start.

We offer:

Free initial consultations

Affordable fixed fee divorce payment plans

Contact us to arrange a consultation with a family law solicitor;  if requested the first 20 mins will be free of charge.

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Divorce or separation is a distressing time. You may be worried about your finances, home and children. That’s why you need a sensitive and experienced solicitor that can guide you through this difficult period.

We offer a fixed-fee divorce service that is fast, affordable, and high quality. Call us now for free no obligation conversation to discuss your situation.

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