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In North Wales Employment Law advice is not always easy to find.  While most solicitors cover employment law to some degree, few are employment law specialists, and even fewer of them are based in North Wales.

Ian Winrow is a leading North Wales employment law solicitor, an employment law lecturer and the Head of Employment Law at Bangor University.  With more than 15 years experience in practice and a qualified solicitor advocate, representing clients in Employment Tribunals, Ian is acknowledged as one of North Wales leading experts in employment law.

How good Employment Law practices can protect your business

Employment Tribunals are both costly on management time and tribunal awards can be damaging to company morale and business reputation.  It therefore makes sense to take a proactive approach.

This starts with good employment law advice, properly drafted contracts of employment and sound HR policies and procedures.  We're here to help businesses get it right, as economically as possible.

Free HR Policy Review

We are keen to drive good employment practices in North Wales, and we offer employers a completely free HR policy and procedures review - we'll tell you whether your business is compliant, and then you can decide if you would like our support to make changes if needed.

This helps you get your HR and employment practices on a firm footing.  Then, as laws and practices constantly change, we are available to provide legal updates and ongoing employment law advice - view us as "extra support" for your in-house HR team.

Preventing employment law disputes

Since last year, employees can now bring a claim to Tribunal with no fees, which has seen the level of employment law tribunals increase.  Businesses therefore need to seek employment law advice as soon as a potential dispute arises.

Preventing a situation from arising, or getting out of hand is easier and cheaper than to deal with than a full employment tribunal hearing.

We drive positive employment practices, providing efficient mediation, conflict resolution and HR support – this means most disputes can be settled without the need for Tribunal, resulting in a happy, motivated workforce.

Keeping employment law defence costs low

However, if despite your best efforts, an employee pursues a Tribunal claim, our Employment Law Solicitors are here to assist, support and defend your business.  Thanks to Ian's qualifications as a Solicitor Advocate, with more than 15 of experience representing clients in Employment Tribunals, your costs will not need to increase to instruct costly barristers.

We will issue a robust defence of your business and will also issue costs warnings where the employee has been unreasonable.

Good employment policies and procedures  backed by our expert employment law advice should allow your business to prosper with a a happy, productive and highly motivated workforce. After all your staff can be your greatest asset.

Our key services for business employment advice include:

Ensuring your business has good disciplinary and grievance procedures

Advising on how best to deal with redundancies to avoid possible claims against you

Avoiding discrimination in the workplace

Defending you against Employment Tribunal claims including the most frequent unfair dismissal claims

Defending you against discrimination claims

Advising on employment contracts

Advising you on Restrictive covenants and bringing Interim Injunctions in the High Court if you need to enforce them

Drafting Settlement Agreements

Drafting company handbooks

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