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Personal Injury

Personal injury can result from using malfunctioning equipment, a fall, stress at work, slipping or tripping on defective surfaces, or any one of a number of other events. Personal injury can also arise from a doctor or nurse’s negligence, poor psychiatric prescribing, neglectful advice from a physiotherapist, or lack of care from some other medical person, such as a podiatrist.

The root cause of personal injury is that someone somewhere has not taken sufficient care and attention and as a result of their negligence you have been injured. Making a personal injury claim is the first step towards ensuring that your pain and suffering, your loss of income and the expenses you sustain are made good. For this reason, it is important that from Day One you get the best advice you can to help you get the compensation you deserve in order to get your life back on track.

At Winrow Solicitors you will get 100% of our attention: we will listen carefully, take your instructions and we will put in all the effort that is needed to ensure that your claim is successful and not stressful.

Winrow Solicitors are specialists in personal injury. You will have your own dedicated expert to help you reach your goal, whether your claim is about something that happened at work, for example stress or an illness brought about as a result of working conditions, an injury in a public place, a road accident, a ‘trip and slip’ on someone else’s premises or medical negligence.

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