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Road Traffic Accidents

Winrow Solicitors is one of the few firms in North Wales who pursue Personal Injury Road Traffic Accident Claims. As we are a small firm, we are able to offer a personal service and keep you updated, unlike the large national firms who do not have the time. Also, as we are local, we are able to get to know you and fully understand the impact that your injury has had on you.

Personal Injury claims following a Road Traffic Accident can be brought by anyone who has been injured in the accident – it is not just the drivers who are eligible. For example, if you are the passenger in the vehicle and you get injured, or if a driver knocks you off a bike, you may have a claim. Also, you do not have to pursue your claim through the driver’s insurance policy as you will likely recover less that way. It’s much better to pursue it through a firm of your choice. With the driver’s insurance company, you will just be a number, whereas with Winrow Solicitors, we work for you.

Road Traffic Accidents can range from minor to very serious and can be very traumatic experiences. In the more serious cases, it is possible to claim for future losses if, for example, you cannot return to work or if you can only work reduced hours. Following any type of accident where you have sustained injuries, your first priority after physical recovery should be to recover compensation for your injuries and suffering. This compensation will help put your life back on track and will also assist you in the future if it is thought that the injuries sustained are serious enough to affect your working capabilities.

If you have been in an accident and suffered an injury as a result, please contact us in order to speak to a specialist who will review your matter and tell you if you have a claim worth pursuing. If you do, we will then discuss our funding options with you.

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