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Unfair & Wrongful dismissal

Work Place Dismissal

Being sacked from your job can come as a huge shock and usually a distressing experience, the legal term for being sacked is dismissed.

You may feel your dismissal is unfair which could leave you resentful and that you have been unjustly treated. Your job is often a central part of your life, you may feel that your identity is determined by it, and you will most likely spend much of your waking life at work. Losing your job can cause you financial problems like paying the rent or mortgage and being out of work you can soon lose confidence and become depressed. You may it difficult to sleep as you will re-play the events of your sacking over and over in your mind. It often begins to dominate conversation with spouses or partners; all this is because of the significance losing your job can have on your life.

If the feelings described apply to you, you need to reach the point where you can ‘draw a line’ under the effects that led to losing your job and move on with your life. What needs to happen to allow a person to move on will be different for everyone, you may need your ‘day in court’, an apology or a need to clear your name.

Whatever your trigger is to start the process of getting on with your life, we at Winrow Solicitors will do our best to find it and achieve it for you.

Winrow Solicitors understand the negative effects that losing your job can have on you and your family so we will deal with you case sensitively and realistically. We will not give you false hope or expectations but if we think you have a good case we will strive to get you the result you want whether that be compensation, your job back or that simple apology.

It maybe, because your employer is allowed to dismiss people, that they did so for a fair reason, so call us today and have a free half hour assessment of your case but if they do it unfairly you can challenge your dismissal.

Beware that there are strict time-limits for bringing a claim to the Employment Tribunal so do not delay calling.

No win no fee employment solicitors

Your case might be suitable for a no win no fee agreement – ask for details.

There are automatically unfair reasons for a dismissal, automatically fair reasons and potentially fair reasons.

Unfair Dismissal

Select this link to read more about Unfair Dismissal

Wrongful Dismissal

Select this link to read more about Wrongful Dismissal

It is easy to confuse these two forms of dismissals as they appear to be the same, but a simple explanation of the difference is;

Unfair dismissals are about the reasons why you were dismissed – was it a fair reason.

Wrongful dismissals is not to do with the reason but about the way you were dismissed, were you given your entitlement to a period of notice as example.

This is a very simple explanation so click on the links above to understand more

IF YOU FEEL YOU HAVE BEEN EITHER UNFAIRLY OR WRONGFULLY DISMISSED contact us without delay as there are strict time limits on when you can bring a claim. You will be able to receive a free assessment of the merits of your case by an experienced employment law solicitor.

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